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Resources to Get You Moving!

Posted on Mar 25, 2013 7:34:31 AM by Bekah Schulz in children's choirs, in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in dalcroze, in kodaly, in movement, in orff, in resources

In last week’s blog post, I tried to make the case for the use of movement in children’s choir rehearsals. In this blog post, I have included a variety of resources to help even the most unsure of movers to get started. This list is by no means exhaustive; it is merely a jumping-off point to the great wide world of musical movement.

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Movement in the Children's Choir Rehearsal

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 7:30:20 AM by Bekah Schulz in children's choir, in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in creativity, in movement

As anyone who works with children can attest, children are movers. They are bodies in constant motion. As conductors, we often spend much of our time fighting against that natural urge by requiring them to sit in adult-sized chairs for the good portion of an hour. How much more would our littlest singers get out of choir if their natural propensity for movement was woven into the rehearsal, rather than squelched?

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