How does Prelude Music Planner enhance your use of Evangelical Lutheran Worship?

by Augsburg Fortress

Did you know that with Prelude Music Planner, you’re able to instantly preview and download hymns and service music from Evangelical Lutheran Worship at no extra cost beyond your $79 annual subscription rate?*

For example, let’s say your gathering hymn for Reformation Sunday is “Christ Is Made the Sure Foundation” (ELW 645), as suggested by Sundays and Seasons. Search for that hymn in Prelude, and you’ll see you have access to this hymn in all of the following versions:


Also available for this hymn is a choral stanza, a wonderful hymn enhancement for featuring the choir during a festival processional. (Prelude also includes vocal and instrumental descants for many Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymns.)


Other service music for this festival day include the psalmody for the day, Psalm 46, as well as a gospel acclamation for the day’s gospel, John 8:31-36:


With Prelude, you can share your music plans with other music leaders at your church. And with no limit on the number of users, all of your worship and music leaders and church administrators can use Prelude to download your music plans and contribute their own ideas.

* Reprinting or projecting copyrighted hymns and service music requires permission from the copyright holder or ownership of a valid copyright license covering the material.


“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” —Martin Luther

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