Music for Lectionary 19, Sunday, August 9, 2020

by Augsburg Fortress

The following music goes well with the lectionary readings for Sunday, August 9, 2020, and does not require a choir: 

  • "Follow Me" by Julia Simon (2-part). This is a lilting and motivic anthem that tells the story of the calling of the disciples to be "Fishers of Men." View a sample.
  • "Bread of the World, in Mercy Broken" by Carlton R. Young (2-part). From the skillful pen of Carlton Young comes this meditative setting of the much-loved hymn tune RENDEZ A DIEU. View a sample. Listen to a recording.
  • "1. Nourished by the Broken Bread" in "For the Sake of the World" by Jonathan D. Campbell (2-part). The text speaks of justice, compassion, and caring for creation and neighbor. View a sample. Listen to a recording. Watch a video.
  • "Break now the Bread of Life" (BREAD OF LIFE) in Piano Sunday Morning: Volume 3 by Greg Bottomley. This third volume of the Piano Sunday Morning series by Greg Bottomley continues to showcase his ability to write in many genres, including jazz, blues, and gospel-influenced works. View a Sample.
  • "My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less: Eternal Father, Strong to Save" (MELITA) in For All the Saints, Hymn Preludes for Funerals, Volume 3 by Robert A. Hobby. Following the pattern of the first two volumes, this collection offers 10 organ preludes in a variety of treatments on hymn tunes frequently requested for funerals and memorial services. The material found in volume 3, which includes favorite hymn tunes both old and new, can also be utilized in regular worship or concert settings. View a sample.
  • "Praise, Praise! You Are My Rock" (ZACHARY WOODS ROCK) in Piano Weavings by Sherri Hansen. A new collection of 13 delightfully fresh hymn arrangements that are easily accessible for the church pianist and well suited for general worship. View a sample. 

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