Music for Lectionary 22, Sunday, August 30, 2020

by Augsburg Fortress

This music goes well with the lectionary texts for Sunday, August 30, and does not require a choir: 

  • "God's Plan" by Nancy Raabe (2-part, only available in Prelude). 
  • "We Sing the Praise of Him Who Died" by William Allen Pasch (2-part, only available in Prelude). 
  • "We Sing to You, O God" by Thomas Keesecker (2-part). Gracia Grindal’s text "We Sing to You, O God" (ELW 791) is set to an old Welsh tune adapted by composer Thomas Keesecker for 2-part voices and piano. Listen to the audio. View a video. 
  • "Les Petites Soeurs" from Piano Reflections on Hymns of Healing by Anne Krentz Organ. This collection is useful for funerals, healing services, and midweek prayer services in addition to Sunday morning. These arrangements are graceful and elegant. View a sample. 
  • "Pescador de Hombres" from Amen: World Hymns for Organ by J. Wayne Kerr. A delightfully diverse set of hymn improvisations based on world hymns useful for a variety of seasonal and special services. Also a great source of challenging and interesting teaching material for organists at any level. View a sample. 
  • "Bourbon" from American Folk Hymns for Organ by Edwin T. Childs. Edwin T. Childs provides winsome, accessible settings of eighteen early American folk tunes that are included in the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymn collection and also found in many other hymnals. View table of contents. View a sample. 

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