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Choirs with Limited Resources: Part 1 – The Hymnal as a Resource

Posted on May 27, 2013 11:38:06 AM by Linda Kempke in choir, in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in congregational song, in creativity, in hymnal, in limited resources

So you have a choir of 12 or 8 or 5 or all women and one male. The list of variations could go on. What are you, as director, to do about it? Carl Schalk has said “The smaller parish can be an exhilarating place for worship and church music, but it requires creativity and resourcefulness.” (Cross Accent, Journal of the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians, “Getting More for Less”, November 2012). Now read the same phrase substituting “smaller choir” for “smaller parish.”

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Instant Anthem 1.0

Posted on May 20, 2013 7:16:56 AM by Travis Beck in canon, in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in creativity, in hymnal, in instant anthem, in Instruments

Maybe the choir’s scheduled to sing on Rally Day and you only get one rehearsal the week before…
Maybe it’s that first Sunday after Epiphany and half the choir can’t make it out of their driveways…
Maybe it’s a Sunday where nothing in the library fits and you’ve spent the choir’s budget already…

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Movement in the Children's Choir Rehearsal

Posted on Mar 18, 2013 7:30:20 AM by Bekah Schulz in children's choir, in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in creativity, in movement

As anyone who works with children can attest, children are movers. They are bodies in constant motion. As conductors, we often spend much of our time fighting against that natural urge by requiring them to sit in adult-sized chairs for the good portion of an hour. How much more would our littlest singers get out of choir if their natural propensity for movement was woven into the rehearsal, rather than squelched?

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