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Teaching Hymns and Liturgy to the Children’s Choir

Posted on Apr 30, 2012 7:40:16 PM by Sarah Hawbecker in children, in choir, in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in hymns, in liturgy, in teach

I no longer assume that the children entering into my choir are familiar with the Lutheran liturgy and standard hymns, even Christmas carols. There are several reasons, including the lack of sacred music in the schools, families’ sporadic worship attendance, and attendance at “alternative” services. Our staff is making more deliberate efforts to encourage families to worship together regularly. I schedule our 2nd-6th grade choir to sing for worship at least once a month. One of the third grade boys recently told his mother that church was more fun when he was in the choir, because he had more to do. Yes, indeed - church is much more fun when you can participate because you have rehearsed the responses and know the hymns!

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