Virtual Music Clinic Follow-Up

by Augsburg Fortress

During the virtual music clinic that Augsburg Fortress hosted last month, clinician Christopher Aspaas mentioned two websites. The first was this slide deck presenting preliminary findings of an aerosol study of a singer and various instrumentalists. The study examined the aerosols emitted while the singer talked and sang and while the instrumentalists played their instruments, including a clarinet, a horn, a flute, and a trumpet. Findings and recommendations included a confirmation of the need to wear a mask at all possible times, especially while speaking or singing, and the need to ensure that each musician is at least six feet away in every direction from any other person.  

The second website Aspaas mentioned was this site where you can buy personal protective equipment (PPE). This particular company sells face shields that are transparent so that other people can still see the face of the person wearing the shield. Aspaas was interested in the possibility of using these face shields in order to sing in a group with a lower amount of risk. 


In case you couldn’t attend the virtual music clinic in real time, we have recordings of each session available online. Sessions include a keyboard repertoire session with John Ferguson, a conversation with John Ferguson and Christopher Aspaas about the changing role of church musicians and making music during a pandemic, and a choral session with Christopher Aspaas 


During the keyboard session, Ferguson introduced new keyboard and organ collections through the video recording and provided live commentary. A free PDF of selected pages of keyboard releases is available for download.  


During the choral session, Aspaas reviewed recent releases from Augsburg Fortress with commentary, tips, and techniques. You can download an annotated list of choral selections here. You can also purchase a choral packet from Augsburg Fortress if you wish to review the full choral octavos. Additionally, you can review the selections in their entirety by viewing this YouTube playlist 


We were glad to host our first virtual music clinic and we hope you found it valuable! 

Posted on Aug 3, 2020 2:49:11 PM
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