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John Sall's life-long connection to music in the church was nurtured in the rich resources of a strong Lutheran Church, public school, and private music study in Holdrege, Nebraska, and through the Lutheran Summer Music program. A graduate of St. Olaf College, John majored in Church Music and Organ with John Ferguson. Graduate conducting studies with Alan Harler attended the Master of Music at Temple University where John was honored with the Elaine Brown Tribute Award, presented each year for work in “relating music to broader issues of community-building and human expression.” John serves as Director of Music Ministries at Abington Presbyterian Church (Abington, PA), founded in 1714, where he leads youth and adult choirs and the Abington Symphony Orchestra and oversees congregational music programs and the Music at Abington concert series.

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A "Choral Ecology" in Worship Music Planning

Posted on Feb 27, 2018 5:05:29 PM by John Sall in Choral Techniques and Repertoire, in Planning

Within our congregations and personal lives, we have increasingly clear understanding of the ways our personal decisions around our use of resources matter. How can we carry this sense of stewardship into the planning and care we exhibit for resources of wisdom, people, talent, time, and connection in our worship services? Over recent years I have grown to plan anthems, service music, and other choir roles with a much clearer view of the “ecosystem” volunteer church choirs exist in. Intentional planning with this awareness has helped to provide increased comfort and musical consistency in the growth and leadership of my choirs, it has broadened our choral and congregational repertoire without (much) resistance, and it has helped to deepen theological and liturgical connections in an era of widely varied attendance patterns. Others have articulated well the introduction of new hymns into a congregation’s repertoire, so I will not repeat that process here but focus directly on choral leadership.

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