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Music ... and Silence

Posted on May 13, 2013 11:10:08 AM by Renee H. Friday in 1 Kings 19, in anticipate, in music, in Potpourri, in receive, in silence

There are two important silences whenever a piece of music is offered, whether in church or the concert hall. The first silence precedes the music; it can be as short as a heartbeat, or as long as the conductor decides. This silence is for "anticipation and preparation", as everyone gets ready for the music to come. The music then grows from the silence. When the music has ended, there is another important silence, the "receiving" silence. In this short pause, the audience can sometimes be heard to inhale as they receive the music and its meaning, and choose what to do next. Clap? Hold still and quiet, savoring the moment? The receiving silence calls upon the listeners to make a decision.

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